About the Convention

FanWorks is an annual convention where fans share, discuss, and celebrate all of the creative works we make and love.

Our goal is to create an inclusive, welcoming space for the appreciation of fanworks, and for fan creators of all mediums to share their work and meet fellow creators.

All fanwork enthusiasts are welcome at FanWorks! If you're excited about fanworks, we're excited to have you.

Panels & Workshops

Panels are hour-long discussions, presentations, how-to tutorials, workshops, and more run by fans attending the con. They are selected and scheduled in advance of the con weekend.

Please note that in the panel track list, the specific fanworks in parentheses are only examples of programming you might see. These are not exhaustive lists — what programming we have will depend on what panels attendees submit.

Panel Tracks

  • Writing (fanfic, meta, essays)
  • Video (vidding, trailers, fan movies)
  • Audio (podfic, podcasts, fandom-inspired music)
  • Art & Crafting (drawing, painting, costumes, props, animation, manips, gifs)
  • Community (chat groups, platforms, archiving, gift exchanges, curation)

Vidshows & Activities

Vidshows and pre-recorded con events will be streaming throughout the day. Vidshows will go online at the time they appear on the con schedule, and will then be available for viewing at any time throughout the con weekend. If you want to watch vidshows in company, head over to the con Discord, where each vidshow will have a chat room for socializing while the show is live.

If you love games, fanwork collabs, and meeting new people, you can sign up at registration to be sorted onto a team for group activities throughout the weekend. All activities are completely optional, so you can choose whatever interests you.

The con Discord will be the center of social activity throughout the weekend, with plenty of spaces to hang out, including break-out rooms on topics of all kinds (fannish and otherwise!). The Discord will also be the central place for staff announcements, event reminders, and more, so make sure you stop by!

And be sure to check out the con zine for fanfic, art, podfic, and more. If you don’t have time to curl up with the zine during the con weekend, attendees will have access to the zine and streaming vidshows for at least two months after the con.


Highlights of the three-day con schedule include the Sparkle Motion dance party, the Premieres show for debuting fanvids, a cosplay showcase, and more.

Get Involved

If you make fan works, you may be interested in contributing to our zine or sending in vids to a vidshow.

You can also run a panel or volunteer to help out at the con.

If there's something else you've thought of and want to tell us about, get in touch.

You can also follow us on social media:


A big thank you to everyone who has contributed and will contribute to putting the con together!

Special kudos to @whalefern for the wonderful painted magpies you can see on the website.